...an artist in it's best sense.
I have offered emotions to the audience since the age of three in various roles - as a singer, dancer, model, athlete and actor.

I wish...

...to touch the souls and deliver moments when time stops.

My story started at the age of 3 when mom took me to exercise gymnastics.
From that moment on, me and creation go hand in hand. It's hard to remember a moment when I was off stage. It's just something that's part of my nature.

For 15 years I practiced rythmic- and aesthetic group gymnastics at the gymnastics club Janika in Tallinn.

In 2015, learning different dance styles at Free Flow Studios was added to this, and this journey continues to this day.

The list of dance styles is long :) - Contemporary emotion, lyrical, technical, Fusion, Spicy hiphop, House, Ragga, Heels & Tricks, etc.

I have also tried aerial acrobatics and various new challenges, that put my mind and physical strength to the test, have always fascinated me.

The hobby became a profession, and since the age of 14 I have been able to support the development of people as a coach – both in gymnastics and dance. At the moment I work as a Heels & Tricks class trainer for Free Flow Studio. (www.freeflowstudio.eu)
My passion and talent has offered me interesting opportunities. I have collaborated with TV channels,
fashion shows, theatres, corporate events and musicians,  in various projects.Especially working with musicians is very fascinating for me, because I get to know the background of their creations and I get the opportunity to convey their wordless message in the language of dance.
Artists with whom I have cooperated:
Laura Põldvere, Kruuv, Tommy Cash, 5minust, Stefan, Siim Koppel, Jore, Estrada Orchestra and many-many others.