• Spotlight Challenge 1.place (Street show small group adults)


  • Spotlight Challenge 1.place (jazz solo performance adult debut)
  • Best show 2.place (fusion nomination)
  • Golden Cup (Estonia) 3.place (contemporary adults)
  • World Dance Cup 5.place (Show and Jazz formations adults)
  • World Dance Cup 11. place (Contemporary and Modern formations adults)
  • Lithuanian Cup 1.place (contemporary big team adults)
  • Lithuanian Cup 2.place (show dance big team adults)
  • Spotlight Challenge 1.place (lyrical jazz performance solo adults)
  • Spotlight Challenge 2.place (jazz dance small group)


  • European Cup 3.place (show dance small team juniors)
  • Golden Cup (Estonia) 2.koht (contemporary young)
  • Neposedõ 2.place (Contemporary solo (15-24.y))
  • Spotlight Challenge 4.place (jazz solo performance adult)



  • Street Art Championships      3.place (Street show small group adults)



  • Lithuanian Cup 2.place (Contemporary formations adults)
  • Lithuanian Cup 2.place (Contemporary small group adults)